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This is sand art 2

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More about me

This is more about me I like school and art as you no and also giggling its fun and my dislikes are adds and loud noises. I like ice cream and lollies and tv I also like.

i like to hang out with my friends and my pets. I like to do my homework now and clean my room and it is actually clean for now. My pets are fun to hang out with coz they are fun to play with and they are so loveable too.

i like my school because it fun to be at because I get to see my friends and to get away from my mum and dad so yeah.

my favourite dessert is pudding because it taste like chocolate.

thank you for reading this this is from kpscourtney

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sand art

imagethis is the sun set with colourful mountains turning from light to dar

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Blog Challenge: Activity One

The part I found interesting  was when baby Andy was born with something and he  was brought up with it and learnt how to walk and to sit and to crawl and to talk and that was so incredible.

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I think that it was a bit funny and a little bit sad because of the full carrot and he has to shear a bath with other people. The sad part was he gas not seen his parents  in 3 years and 8 months. 


think what going to happen next is  that the lady is going to see the full carrot and going to tell him off and the person that gave him will  get fired . i also think that he will find his parents and be happy and sad at the same time.


It reminds me of Annie the movie because she was in the in that bilding to and she looked for some one  to take care of her

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About me

Hello my name is Courtney. I am in grade 6b I like dogs puppies and I also like koalas because they are cute and cuddly like me.  I love art and paint and drawing to. I like my friends and family to.bBye thank you see ya.

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