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Month: June 2014


this is about school but the thing about school and this is for the older ones it has put you were you are now  some of you are working as a teacher at a high school or primary school like other people they might work at the supermarket or the the auto shop to fix car but if you stop to think for a moment how or who got u there. maybe it was your mum and dad or SCHOOL i think it was the second one.


what will you be when u grow up

what would of been if you had a second chance

well that is all i have for today bye please post is u visit

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hello sorry that i have not got back to you in a long time i have been busy like alll of you and i had a brocken ipad and just tom let you no i am not a good speller as you can tell i am not that smart like you well i hope you have fun on the two week holidays beause i will, i will sleep in but that wont happen i might go out that maybe will happen and i will come on my blog every day maybe.

thank you for coming on my blog i had more than 40 people on my blog thank you and i hope to get people from china of france some other places then australia becuase i had manly most of the people come form here then other places.

thank you agian for coming i will post agian soon *********:)<3 see you soon bye

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Music or artist

Who is your fav singer and why or fav music or song and why?.

mine is don’t stop by five seconds of summer because the film clip is funny.

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image NEVER LOSE HOPE IN ANYTHING XOXOX KPSCOURTNEYimage image image image image

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this is a question that use can alll anwser what is your fav food and why?.

my fav food is sweet potato i thought i did not like it but on saterday wehad a roast and i eat some and iloved it so there you go.

June 3rd, 2014 Leave a comment kpscourtney

more moods

i like that more people are coming to my blog because the other week i went on and i only had 3 or 4 and i got up set and now i have 23 people last night i only had 22 and now tonight i hope that when i get home from school there are more people that come on.


June 2nd, 2014 1 Comment kpscourtney

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