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Day: May 23, 2014


ok i am not in a good mood no one has came on to my blog but only 2 people  had came on here and that was miss jackson and a  Courtney 2

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Lots more about me

I live in a 2 story house I have 4 people living with me. I have one sister and one brother my brother is 23 and my sister is 17 I don’t really like them but as you will all say that’s not true we’ll it true I kind of hate them  so yeah.

one last thing i like vollyball i dont think no one knew that and also tennis and swimming it so fun but its getting cold so yeah i know.

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This my first blog I have ever had so I only have one to say is YEAH. Thank you miss jackson for it because she set it up for me. So thank you miss jackson.

This is grate I love my blog.

one more thing how do you. make blog it would be fun to have two blogs

p.s there in the last sentence there was a full stop were it’s not allowed.

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My weekend plan

This weekend I think I might do nothing but play with my niece she is 4 month sold so cute and I think I might watch some movies and draw and colour and do some school work To but I think I might be going to my nanas.


I might eat some popcorn too and I might get use to pick what I should Watch.

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